Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of summer retreat

As things stand, I will have little time to do much else but eat, sleep, and work. I'm training at Mercer Kitchen tonight, 3pm to midnight! (More to come on the unfolding of that underworld...)

But, before I settled into this newly chosen life/work-style, I took a long weekend up in Connecticut with family and friends and, as usual, the requisite cooking and feasting ensued. Unfortunately for those in my immediate vicinity, being surrounded by nature makes me prone to leaping out of bed at 5:30am, dashing straight to the kitchen, and proceeding to make way too much food. Oh, and how much food we had! Two baker's dozens of sweet August corn were consumed, along with much else...

Here's one of our many spreads, of corn, grilled cumin-salt encrusted lamb chops with a mint-yogurt chutney, and farm-fresh tomato and peach salad with red onion and cilantro.