Thursday, January 1, 2009

The last supper of 2008

The final hours of 2008 were spent ingesting food among friends (how else?) - appearing here are just a few of the apps. Also key players were hummus, caramelized onion dip (courtesy of Kat), and broiled eggplant rounds topped with feta, peppers, and minced olives. And the main course (I know, we must have been out of our bloody minds), consisting of garlic-and-lemon-stuffed roast chicken and polenta squares with mint-walnut pate, will not be photo-documented here. I couldn't bear to reproduce the entire gluttonous parade.
It was just too much food!!

I take no credit for this masterful arrangement of cheese ravioli, grape tomatoes, and pesto (above). This was a Paul-n-Leigh Production. A total knockout on taste and presentation!

The heavenly nova...

And the spicy olives of yummmm....

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Genevieve said...

Speaking of too much food...! I missed you this Sunday for our usual dinner-making- I made way too much food this weekend (lentil-almond stir-fry, lentil soup with polenta fries, beef and veggie stew, and chicken with arugula and goat cheese, plus 2 kinds of cookies), so if you would like to come by at any point during the week and help me eat any of it, I would love that! Also I hope I can see you this next Sunday- I have a recipe from my mom and dad that I think you'll love that maybe we can make. Let me know! Love!