Sunday, August 2, 2009

The new guest at my house

Shhhh...don't tell my germiphobe mom (sorry Mom, but I speak the truth), but I've invited a new creature into our home. It's called a SCOBY (stands for "symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast") and it's busy making me some homemade kombucha tea so that I don't have to spend nearly 5 bucks a pop on the fancy stuff they peddle at Whole Foods. Not only does it have a wonky name, but it looks freaky too, like a beached jellyfish that's lost its stinger. Here it is, colonizing my jar of tea!And by the way, egg salad "puttanesca" is amazing!!!! It contains: eggs (um, duh), red onion, capers, kalamata olives, a bit of mayo (or you could just do olive oil), s & p. Here it is, piled on some sprouted wheat toast, alongside herbed turkey sausage (Dan's pick) and tomato/nectarine salad with basil. Mmmm...

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