Thursday, July 17, 2008

I welcome myself to the world of the web log!

BEING NEW TO THE UNIVERSE OF BLOGS, I'm going to start off by ...not making any silly excuses!! (why do most fledgling writers begin in such a miserably apologetic fashion, anyway?)

I wish to create a receptacle for my culinary musings (recipes to follow in subsequent posts). Feeling pretty satisfied with my recent food explorations, I suddenly find myself moved to join the ranks of those who hand over their particular life experiences to the shifting, shapeless worldwide nets! I've never shied away from an audience, so why start now??

Anyway: I love to cook and hope to share this passion with other bloggers who feel the call of the cuisinart. I don't know where this gusto for the gustatory will lead me, but I invite any and all to read my postings and please do make a comment if the heady scent of garlic doth move you...

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Alliterative action always amiably and affably alerts all, an ace actuation!

Cool start! Show us the cookery! Reveal your taste-tastic secrets!