Wednesday, September 3, 2008

writer's block does NOT equal cooking block

Lately I've been negligent of my blogging duties (which are, of course, self-imposed - still, I apologize), mainly because I just moved back to NYC and have been busy getting settled in.

I've also been patrolling the green markets, which are in full-swing. I've taken to wearing a drool-bucket around my neck when I visit Union Square in particular. Well, not really. The samples of melon and peaches that I nibble along the way keep my mouth occupied.

I tried two new recipes out which went well: Shredded zucchini pancakes made with some whole wheat flour-egg batter, red onion, and lemon basil; and a huge red pepper that i halved and stuffed with a barley-corn-zucchini-basil salad, spiked with EVOO, lemon, cumin, and crushed red pepper. Dan and my bro Paul gobbled it up (hence no picture), along with the peach gazpacho I've been tooling around with. And then there was more quiche (these days, there's always quiche).

Anyway, here's a promise (mostly to myself): When I'm in Paris this next week, I'll try to snap some food shots to post. And upon my return (and the start of culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute - wee!) I'll re-commit myself to the bloggage.

A bientot!!

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