Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Kitchen as a Chemistry Lab

This is going to be a short post since I'm at work...

I can easily attribute a good chunk of my love for cooking to an intense grade-school passion for chemistry. I really enjoyed working in the lab, but since I have more of an inclination to make the experiment up as I go rather than follow it strictly to the letter, I gave up the business of chemistry once I hit college.

And now I've found another outlet for my mad scientist tendencies... in the kitchen! Here is a link to a recent NY Times article by "The Curious Cook" that draws an explicit connection between the experimental method and culinary explorations. I'll be trying this out at some point (whenever I get my hands on 1+ lbs. of kosher salt!) but I wanted to share it right away:

"In the Summer Kitchen, the Thrill of the Chill" by Harold McGee

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